How much is the consgner fee and when do I pay it?
Consigner fee is $5 and will be taken from your check at the end of the sale.

What percent of sales do consigners receive?
Consigners receive 75% of their sales. 

How should I price my items?

We recommend 30-50% of the original purchase price. Remember, if you don't want it back, price it to sell!!

Where can I find White Cardstock for tags?
We will have it available in 20 sheet count (makes 120 tags) during the supply sale. You can buy larger count reams of cardstock at local stores if you chose to do so.

What if I don't have a working printer?

Most office/business service stores (such as Office Depot) can print your tags. Office Depot is very familiar with printing tags off for our consigners. They also can cut them for you for a fee.

Is there a minimum price for sale items?

Yes - $1 is the lowest amount you may put on your items. 
All prices should be in dollar increments. (No cents)

Is there a minimum number of items I must bring in order to participate in your sale?
Yes - we ask that you bring at least 15 items to the sale.

What size to I put on my tag when the clothing item has two number sizes listed?
Always go with the smaller number. (ex: for size 4/5, use size 4)

I have some young men's/teen boys pants to sell. I didn't see the waist/length sizes listed in the tagging program. How do I mark the size
Only the waist sizes are available in the size list. (Ex: Mens 32 Waist) Please add the length size to the description line.

Can I bring short sleeve shirts to Fall/Winter Sale or long sleeve shirts to Spring/Summer Sale?
We will no longer be accepting short sleeves in the Fall sales due to space. Short sleeve fall/Halloween/Christmas themed shirts will be accepted at the Fall/Winter sales. Other garments should follow the season of the sale.

Can I bring jeans or khaki pants to the Spring Sale?

Again, because of the school uniforms, you may bring jeans and khaki pants to the spring sale. However, if we run our of space, we will remove long pants until space becomes available. Please keep in mind that even though we allow these items, they do not sell well during the Spring/Summer sale. We will be limiting junior/young men jeans to 4 per consigner.

How do I tag shoes?

Attached the shoes together by tying the laces, using a safety pin, or cable tie. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag then tape the bag closed.

How may pairs of shoes can I bring to the sale?

We allow each consigner to bring 10 pairs of shoes.

How should I package onesies?
You can also pin several onsies together on a hanger. Be sure to use a large safety pin and a wire hanger.

How do I tag wood furniture?

To avoid harming wood finishes, we recommend that you use cable ties to attach your tags to furniture pieces.

How old can a car seat be for you to accept?

We accept car seats 6 years past the manufactured date. For example, if the date on your car seat says 2006, it would be accepted through 2012, so this particular car seat would not currently be accepted in our sale. If you have any questions, please contact a Team Member.

How do I tag furniture with several pieces, such as a child's table with 2 chairs?

Place only ONE price tag on ONE piece of the set. Then, use had written tags to identify the pieces of the set. (Ex: "1 of 3", "2 of 3", "3 of 3") DO put your consigner number on each tag, but only ONE price tag per set.

Do you accept VHS movies?


Do you accept socks, tights, and underwear?

No. The only exception are socks or knit tights that are part of a matching Gymboree, The Children's Place, Gap, etc. outfit.  They must be sold with the outfit.

Can I bring a friend, sister, cousin, etc., to the Consigner Early Sale?

No - only a spouse is allowed.   

Can my children come to Consigner Early Sale with me?

Only children 10 yrs and up and non-walking infants may accompany their parent to the Early Sale.  Please make other arrangements for other children.

Can my children try on clothes?

No. All clothing must remain on the hangers. No sale items are allowed in the bathrooms. You may bring clothes from home that you know fit your child and compare them to the items you are interested in purchasing.

Do you accept Credit or Debit cards?

Yes we do! (We will ask to see a valid Driver's Licence if using a check)

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