If you have any questions, please contact your Sale Team Member.  Please remember to include your name & consigner # if leaving a message or a text. Please give 24 hrs for us to return your call.  


The computer program does not accept consignor numbers that begin with zeros.
Therefore, the zeros were deleted from the cons. number.
Those consigners will still use the remaining number as their consignor number.
(Ex: #0008 is now #8; #0023 is now #23; #0123 is now 123)


Click on the Team Member's name for additional contact information:


Consignor #'s 0-1999 = Shirley Hayes   615-347-4567 (cell)


Consignor #'s 2000-3999 = Lori Snow  931-237-0123 (cell)


Consignor #'s 4000-5999 = Denette Speigner   615-815-8486 (cell)


Consignor #'s 6000-7999 = Angie Brannan   615-289-7117 (cell)


Consignor #'s 8000-9999 = Shelley Andrews   615-812-2315 (text only)


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