Testimonials from some of our consigners...

"I just wanted to thank you all guys for a great sale! You all did a very impressive job. I know it is tough work, and we appreciate all you do. Cheers!" - Richie

"I tell you what... I have never been to such a well-organized mad house! EVERYTHING was organized, and categorized! It was such a wonderful experience to go directly to the stuff in your child's size, and to the things within that size your child needs! Made it so much less overwhelming! It is massive though, and crowded! Gotta have your big girl panties on going into it! But everyone is very nice, and respectful, and there must have been 3 dozen volunteer staff. If you needed help, you didn't have to look far! I had a stroller, which worked out fine, but if you can find a sitter, I would recommend it. I took my babysitter with me. She bought a simple white metal toddler bed for my daughter to have at her house. 10.00... bout right. Currently, her bed is a pack n play. She's going to love the toddler bed! There was sooooooo much stuff!!!! OMG! They are right! The pictures do not do it justice! I may go back on Saturday for 1/2 price day... as if the prices weren't already low enough! Seriously! Competitive with yard sale prices, if not better! Goodwill could NOT compete... not on price, selection, or organization!"

"We came this morning, and we were absolutely blown away by how much they had!! We bought some winter clothes for our baby girl due in December. I made plans with a friend of mine to go back Saturday morning to see what's left. It was a great experience for a first timer like myself, and can't wait for the next one."

"Just wanted to let you know how great this new system is. When I first go the information about the new tagging process, I thought I would just pass this time. I really didn't want to bother with learning a new system, my computer is slow, and it would cost more more in ink, cardstock, etc. Well, after cleaning out the kids' bedrooms and redoing their bathroom, I had a mound of stuff to sell. I decided to at least check it out. In less than 5 minutes, I was printing tags. It was so super easy that I had 60 tags done in no time. This is so much faster than writing out every tag. If you group your items, all you have to do is write a description and possibly change the price, hit submit, and move on to the next item. This program is easier than calling someone on my smart phone. I love it. Thanks for investing in this program. I hope others give it a try before they decide to pass because of the new changes."  -Melissa Creasy

"Hi. I just wanted to quickly say that I had gotten on the site this morning and was testing out entering the tags in. It was so easy. It walks you through it step by step. Just a few things you have to enter, and there are your tags. I can get this done so quickly now. I couldn't believe how easy this would be. Thank you. This will definitely make life easier for me. I am much faster at typing, and the tags will come out looking neat and professional. Thanks again. I really love this new program. Have a good day!"  -Tabitha Parker

"I have played with the tagging system a little and think that it is going to be great."  -Lenee Berry

"Everyone Wins Consignment Team, I have to say, I was a little concerned the new electronic tagging process would make preparing for the consignment sale more difficult. Wow, was I wrong!!! It actually makes it easier and helps me stay organized. I can't wait to see how much easier this makes checking out during the upcoming sale. I love that this consignment sale team is always looking for new ways to make this sale even better!"  -Susan Ahlheit

"Love, love, love the new computer tagging system! So much faster!!!  -Lisa Neal

"I went online to sign up using the new consignment software and it was so easy! I was worried about to tagging process at first, but once I signed on and started, it was fast and efficient! Overall, the system was definitely a step up and a much better way to go!  -Tammy Beard  

"I really like the new tagging system! It is so easy to use and so much faster! Thank you for all your work that you do to put together the consignment sale!"  -Jennifer Elliott

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